Select Object Type

Select Object Type Tool

Select Object Layer

Select Object Layer Tool

Select Only Text Tool

Select Only Text Tool

Select In Group

Select In Group Tool

Select From Group

Select From Group Tool

Select By Type

Select By Type Tool

Select By Print Color

Select By Print Color Tool

Select By Layers

Select By Layers Tool

Print Selected

Print Selected Tool

Print Layouts

Print Layouts Tool

Unlock All Layers

Unlock All Layers Tool

Show Objects in Layers

Show Objects In Layers Tool

Set Current Layer

Set Current Layer Tool

Lock Other Layers

Lock Other Layers Tool

Lock Object Layer

Lock Object Layer Tool

Hide Object Layer

Hide Object Layer Tool

Copy Objects to Layer

Copy Objects to Layer Tool

Hatch Union

Hatch Union Tool

Hatch Split

Hatch Split Tool

Hatch Boundary

Hatch Boundary Tool