Watch a tiny, magnetically powered robot construction crew go to work

A robot doesn’t have to big, powerful and terrifying to be worthwhile, and many people are working on mi [continue…]

Scan&Solve 2014 Beta – Free Until June 18, 2014

Scan&Solve 2014 Beta is free to all Rhino 5 users until June 18, 2014. During this period, you can upgrad [continue…]

Pyro Board: 2D Rubens’ Tube!

Standing waves of fire! Check out Audible: Fysikshow: – [continue…]


身近な所に異空間のような世界があるとは。 Andy Ellison(アンディ・エリソン)さんが運営するブログInside Insidesでは、磁気共鳴機能画像法(iMRI)スキャナーを使って映し出した果物の画を紹介してい [continue…]

The Pleasures of Family

The Pleasures of Family Oh yeah no! The annual vacations are coming! Just seriously considering store shopping [continue…]

More RobArch workshops

Rob|Arch 2014 will offer 8 workshops dealing with different aspects of robotic fabrication, including multi-ro [continue…]




 この数学の“難問”が出されたのは2008年のこと。清華大学に、卒業生が香港の美術市場で購入したという竹 簡(文字の書かれた竹の札)が寄贈された。


シマウマが「しま模様」になった謎を解明か、米研究 写真1枚 国際ニュース

【4月2日 AFP】シマウマのしま模様は、ツェツェバエなどの吸血バエを寄せ付けないためにあるとする、生物学者の間で140年にわたり繰り広げられてきた論争に決着をつけることを新たに目指した研究論文が1日、英科学誌ネ

Sochi unveils the world’s first ‘selfie building’

Beyonce and Bieber do it, Cameron and Obama have done it, and even the Pope is at it. So it was only a matter [continue…]

Joris Laarman’s Latest ‘Anti-Gravity’ 3D Printer Basically Conjures Metal Out of Thin Air

About nine months ago, we got a first look at a freely articulating 3D printer, developed by Joris Laarman Lab [continue…]



Symposium 2014

Venue: Yayoi Auditorium, The University of TokyoTime: 9.

なんでも作っちゃう、かも。 ABSプリント時の反り対策


Childhood Weight problems

Childhood Weight problems You’ve been told about the expanding percentage rates of years as a child over [continue…]

pipe connecting


bubble landscape

ceiling height map